Last week, I got into college. And it got pretty interesting after seeing so much energy and excitement there.

But besides all these, a question did strike me deep. It was,

There's gonna be good competition there (at-least more than that in school).

So I thought, why not just start early? and then excel afterwards.

However promising that plan might sounds, it is still a plan and not a reality.

And to make it a reality, I needed education resources online.

And Aside all the 'not so helping YouTube tutorials and lectures ', I needed a real professional college-like course program.

After wandering online for about 2 days strong, I got a collection of some very helpful web content that you can use to learn almost anything.

From Programming to Basic Sciences to Management to Engineering (theoretical one) to commerce and so on.

But it wasn't not only the content which got me, there was one really special thing in most, if not all of these websites/apps.

Some of you might have guessed it right, it is Certification.

So, here I am presenting you the Top 6 Apps and Website to learn anything along with a shiny certificate on your resume!

1. edX

You can some courses, I am enrolled in.

There is a strong reason why this is on #1 on this list.

edX hosts online university-level courses in a wide range of disciplines to a worldwide student body, including most courses at no charge at all!

And with edX, you can enroll into a course for free to just learn or you can pay a fee to get a signed-certificate form your instructor with the the University logo and obviously your name!

Imagine how cool it would be to have a certificate from MIT or Harvard describing you having a skill.

But don't droll on it's goodness just yet!

These courses are not easy by any means. You need to work really hard to pass a course.

And even if you did pay a fees, it doesn't guarantee that you will get the certificate unless you pass it.

This Computer Science course is from MIT

YOU WILL GET THE CERTIFICATE ONLY IF YOU PAY THE FEES AND PASS THE COURSE with the minimum passing percentage listed on the course specifically.

There are exams, knowledge-checks, assignments and much more to strong your grip on the concepts as well as evaluate your performance and grades.

2. Coursera

Coursera Google Play Page

Coursera is another online certification platform just like edX but with some changes.

Coursera provides certification from universities that are not there in edX.

It has a refund policy and you can also audit the course for free (but won't get any certificate then).

Universities and Colleges like Stanford university, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, etc to Tech Specialists like IBM, MongoDB, Google Cloud etc, hosts their courses.

I would recommend checking edX to match courses of your need and then checking Coursera for the remaining ones you haven't found at edX.

Learn about Coursera here.

3. Udacity


If you wish to learn Computer Science and Programming, this is the right place for you.

From Big Data Analysis to Neural Networks to Machine Learning, udacity can teach you a heck of things.

But unlike, edX or Coursera, you can't use a course to learn some subject for free.

There are limited number of seats in every course, and you will have to pay a fees in order to get enrolled.

But the ending certificate comes with perks of it's own.

You can think it much more like a real-world certification program except that, you are doing it online.

4. Udemy

You can see the Java course I am enrolled in, at the bottom

This is more or less like Udacity, except that it is a lot cheaper.

Also, it has many courses for management, marketing, programming, science, maths and even Drawing!

I even enrolled into a course teaching Java for Free!

You can do something like that too.

All you need to do is to explore on their platform and then find the course right for you.

And if you think you have some special skill, you can become an instructor and make your own course on Udemy and Price it accordingly!

Check out Udemy here,

5. Khan Academy

Khan Academy
Chances are you might already have heard of this.

At Khan academy, you can learn any topics ranging from Science to Commerce to Maths.

What makes it different it that it is more of a high-school level course which is why it has no specific course of programming (at the time I wrote this post).

Also, it offers no certificates and is hence free to use.

Khan Academy offers problems to check your grip of concepts.

6. Sololearn

You can see, I have already completed HTML and JavaScript

This is probably the best app if you need to learn Programming fast and easily without any prior knowledge.

Sololearn is completely free and even provides a certificate after you complete a Programming language including an the exam in the end.

For the very least, you will learn the basics of any programming language.

Plus there is a huge active community of Code enthusiasts who are there to help you all in just one app.

This is my JavaScript Certificate

Sololearn currently offers most major languages such as, Python, C++, C#, C, Java, HTML & CSS, JavaScript, PHP, kotlin, Ruby, and many more...

Download it here for Android and here for Apple devices.


This blog post has now come to an end.

However, this does not means that these were the only apps to that were 'good enough'.

There are other good apps and websites too but only these 6 made it here.

You can do your own research and start your carrer pretty well.

If you do like the post, share it on social media so that others can benefit themselves.

Also, be sure to like our Facebook and Twitter page to get all the sneak peak and information first.

And yeah, Stay Strong.


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