Most of us use an Android smartphone these days, but a very small portion of us know, that we can change the look of our smartphone completely by using some simple android applications.

Some of these are android launchers while, others are as simple as icon packs. But don't underestimate them as they are perfectly handpicked to suit most (if not all) of you.

So, without further ado, let's eyeball the list!

1. Substratum

Substratum- GooglePlay

This is no doubt, the first on the list.

Why? Because it modifies the UI of your Android phone the same way you expect when you root your phone.

But the best thing is that in some cases you don't really need to root your smartphone in order to use it.

Yes! If you have a device with Android version 8.0+ (Oreo), all you need to do is to install an extra app called 'Andromeda' along with this substratum app and then, follow some very specific steps, (HERE IS AN EXCELLENT GUIDE ON THAT) and viola!

Now you can install any theme from playstore compatible with Substratum and then enjoy your new look.

The thing, I like most about this is that, it is not a launcher only, instead It can completely change your system UI (including Settings, Status Bar, On screen-controls, etc).

Substratum owned image.

But if you have Android version less than 8, I am afraid, you need to have your phone rooted, in order to use this app.

Price : Free (Substratum), ~$2 (Andromeda Plugin)

2. Nova Launcher

This launcher is better known as the God of all launchers.

It gives you the basic and minimalist Android Stock UI.

But don't you get confused by its 'simple' design, as it is one heck of a launcher.

However, the reason it made to this list is a bit different.

It's biggest speciality is that it doesn't show any ads or any in app promotional offers.

For most of it's functionality, it's completely free and feature-rich.

The amount of customisation you can do with this launcher is just too much!

Plus it is one of those launchers which can easily handle external icon packs (which is a real good thing).

For eg, Here is the screen shot of my current home screen with Nova Launcher and Polycon icon pack applied.

© Dismantle Tech

(Nice, huh?)

Also, Nova launcher is very less RAM consuming, so your phone will be running real smooth on a clean and minimal UI.

Price: Free

3. Rootless Pixel Launcher

Stock Image (no?)

Ever wanted to make your phone look completely like a Google Pixel?

Now you can, with the help of this launcher.

But you might ask, 'Hey! We can get any similar launcher on Google Play store, why would I need it then?'

The answer to your question is that, this launcher is not 'made from scratch!', it is stripped from Google Pixel's User Interface.

In simple words, this is the skin, a standard Google Pixel devices comes with out of the box.

And this is the main reason why, it isn't available on Google Play Store.

You have to either download it from XDA developers or from it's developer's GitHub page.

But since you are here, I have provided the links to both of em' to match your convenience!

I also featured this one on my another blog (Apps, that your competitors secretly use...)

Price: Free

Link: XDAGitHub

4. Polycon Icon Pack

Polycon- GooglePlay

However this isn't completely a Launcher, but is still nothing less.

As the name suggests, this icon pack is one of the most highly liked icon pack in the mobile customisation category.

What it needs is a custom launcher (I prefer Nova Launcher from previous point).

And then, you are done.

It comes with 800+ perfectly polished icons for almost all popular and medium popular apps.

Also it comes with some stock icons so that you can also customise the apps whose preferred icons are not included.

However, this is a very unfortunate thing to say that, it's developers have ended the project, but still, the icon pack will be one playstore for a long while.

(Well, you know, good things have an end!)

Price: Free

Link: Polycon 

5. Wallrox Wallpapers

Wallrox Owned Image

Although you can download wallpapers from 3rd party sources, but if you are a style-geek, chances are, you might end up having a dedicated wallpaper app in your phone.

But if you are going to have one, then why not a better one?

This app is just the best wallpaper app, I have ever tried.

And the 1-Million download tag just proves this fact.

Although, Google's wallpaper app is good too but not as good as this one.

This app features really clean and minimalist wallpapers, that every one of us has dreamed of atleast once.

From vibrant colours to Rainbow designs, you are going to find real good things here in this app.

Price: Free

Link: Wallrox

And by this note, I would like to end this post.
Please comment down below, which one you liked the most.

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