New smartphone vulnerabilities are being showed in every single day as we advance through this Tech age.

And before you can even notice, your smartphone might be affected by some of these vulnerabilities or viruses that can open a portal for Red Hat Hackers to access your personal data.

But saying isn't the solution for this problem (or is it?). 

And so, as most of the major Tech-Bloggers and youtubers are giving their views on how to protect your phone, I decided to instead roll out a post on how to kill your phone (not seriously though!).

This might help most of you to understand the things they have been doing wrong on their phones all this time and for others, it might prove to be a 'How to guide to destroy a smartphone'

So without further Ado let's get right into it!

1. Visit Websites related to Crypto-currency stuff.

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While visiting BlockChain or ZebPay wallet might not be dangerous, but if you really want to make your phone useless, consider visiting websites that are related to Bitcoin/monero/crypto-mining stuff.

It might get more interesting when you visit those websites which are not protected or are not 'https'.

Ultimately, if this all seems very normal to you, visit the websites having an expired SSL certificate (I won't even emphasize on that anymore).

2. Download apps, games, movies from unpopular torrent sites.

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OK, torrent was never a good idea but every one has done it at least once (though only some are daring to accept that).

But torrenting on phone is not a good idea at all (at least not with unpopular websites).

These unpopular websites are infamous for many things.

Whether it be for supplying viruses or for using malware scripts or for using Crypto-miners on their websites, these websites can make your phone crippled if not handled correctly.

Plus if your Phone is Rooted/Jailbroken, I can't even comment how bad your phone is going to hit the ground hard.

3. Flashing your Phone incorrectly.

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This one is a real scarry one. 
And by scarry, I mean really really scary.

Flashing your phone is a task, only very selected can do (not beacuse it's hard, but because it's really scary!) and is not the best thing you should do with your New Smartphone.

For those of you android users unaware of flashing, I have 2 things for ya, 
  1. Are you living under a rock?
  2. If not, continue reading on...
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So flashing a phone is basically a process in which you manually change your phone's Operating System (Obviously, not everyone likes the stock ROM!).

And since android is built on Linux Kernel, it doesn't have root access by default.

So you first have to root your phone, then unlock it's bootloader, then install recovery mode (if not pre-installed), then backup your original OS, then delete it, then start flashing the new OS you downloaded and then only, you are done. (Seems like shit heavy? Well, yeah it is!)

So what's scary in that?
Since you are rooting your phone, you are giving FULL ACCESS of phone to your hands (which is not the best idea sometimes).

This means that after you have done that, you have to be real vigilant or otherwise you might end up deleting some piece of software that you weren't supposed to, which can BRICK your phone.

And as the name says, BRICKING can render your phone useless (in some cases, not even your phone's service center can do anything, making your phone a complete BRICK!).

4. Not using protective apps after rooting your phone.

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This can be a great way you can damage your phone.

Since rooting gives you complete access to your phone including every single bit of software that runs it, it also gives the same access to all those apps in your phone.

Meaning that all the apps which you previously thought harmless or less harmfull are now equally bad.

Remember, main aim of these apps is to just damage your phone in every possible way whether it involves deployment of virus or data eavesdropping.

So its always a  good idea to install apps like SuperSu or similar ones from GooglePlay Store to stay protected.

Though these apps might not completely save you but they will notify you every time, an app asks for/access root permissions.

5. Using crypto-mining apps on your phone to get some 'extra money'

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Since the crypto-surge, such apps are available on Play Store and on the internet that allow you to mine Crypto-currency directly from your smartphone using it's free RAM and Processing Power.

Though this might give some of you a reckless idea of using your phone for your profit, not doing this is a good choice. 

I am not emphasizing much on this point as I have just published a blog on How bad crypto-mining can do to your phone (go check it out!).

But believe me when I say it's bad.

6. Downloading 3rd Party Apps from very less-popular websites.

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Though I don't recommend to stop downloading 3rd Party apps, but I do recommend to download them from popular ones.

Downloading apps from websites having very less traffic might prove a very bad idea.

Also, Never Ever Install those apps which gets downloaded from 'Pop-ups' or 'auto-downloads'.

Why? Beacuse think about that,

If you designed a good product/app/game, why would you force it to your visitors or someone else's visitors to download by using auto-download/pop-up?

You would then make a peaceful download button!

7. Downloading Highly Compressed Games/Movies/Apps

Image source: somewhere on YouTube
(That's one stupid example!!)

Whenver you see a tag like, 'GTA VC (android) highly compressed into 5 MB or Avengers: Infinity war (1080p) highly compressed into 15 MB', just run away from that link (in fact from that whole page).

Albeit compression resizes the file into a smaller version, it never ever makes a 4 GB file to 5 MB one!

Compression works on packing similar files up close using set algorithms, which is the reason why you can't compress a File completely (as it is not made up of 'all same components').

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So guys this was all for today, hope you guys found this blog useful enough!

If you did, don't forget to Comment down below which point did you like the most and which the least. 

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And yeah, Stay Strong!

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