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Making money using PTC websites - I

The growing trend of using PTC is expanding it's wings every passing day. This is a legitimate way of making money online. I have already published a blog on making money online using PTC sites (Check them out, they are Concise and quick).
But even the best of us are in doubt when it comes about making money. Is this type-a-thing illegal? Will I be seeing cops or Federal guys after doing this? Will I be monitored? Should I use a VPN? 
Uhm... I can't answer this just now as I too want to make my blog correct-honest and most of all popular (LOL!).
To clear all these doubts, continue reading on.
This blog will have 2 parts so as to make it equally intresting as well as less boring. 

(Honest Disclaimer: If you already found this blog boring enough, this whole full time online Business is not for you.)

But what is PTC anyways?
PTC  stands for PAID TO CLICK sites. As the name suggests, these websites pay you to click ads (Yes!! Just for clicking).

But isn't that a scam or something?
 NO it isn't a scam or ponzi-type thing. It works on a simple explanation; Your click ads which are published by an Advertiser. The advertiser publishes ad to promote there own Business or Services. The PTC website binds both two of you guys to make a simplified platform that makes your click the ad hence advertising it.  

Is using PTC illegal?

The answer is NO! As explained above, using PTC Does not violate any Law (As far as I can tell).
In fact it can be one of the most legitimate ways of making money online after Blogging and Freelancing.
Although it might be blocked in few countries like:
  1. North Korea
  2. Iran

How do these PTC sites work?

It's simple:
Suppose you have an online business of Potato crackers and you want to increase your potato cracker sale. To do this you need people to buy your crackers. But for that to happen, you need Internet traffic or simply put, 'People' (unique people, indeed) to visit your website and buy the crackers.
Now you have to tell the huge crowd of Internet citizens out there to come visit your website and buy your crackers which you are selling. 

And just to do that you need to advertise your website to other websites/blogs to show your ad to people. But the problem about normal advertising is that people get annoyed by ads easily and either block them using Adblockers or other plugins.

PTC websites on the other hand, pays people to watch those ads for some amount of time in order to get money. Now since they are being payed to watch ads, they (people) do it quite happily.
And so you as an Ad-watcher sign up on there sites, get paid to watch ads and enjoy your small but legit share of money.
But what happened to that Potato cracker seller?

Well, that guy signs up on one of these PTC sites and advertises their Potato website at a relatively lower rate then usual advertising sites require; and then a person like us watches the ad, gets paid for doing it and also might visit that website and buy the Potato cracker.
But happened to the PTC site owner? 

The PTC site owner gets a teny-tiny commision from the money, that advertiser pays.
So finally you are Happy, site owner is happy and that Potato cracker seller is happy too!
This is literal business that keeps everyone happy and also, Paid! 

I'm glad that you got this cleared in your head.
But unfortunately, this is all I have got time for today.
But hold on tight as the second part is coming soon.


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