We all (or atleast most most of all) have been using Windows Powered PCs, Laptops, Surface books and some , only some of you might have the utterly big misfortune of using Windows Phones lately. But in all of this Insanely fast Tech-evolution, we (atleast most of us) completely forgot about an important part of our Tech lives, which is what Operating System we use.
Me just like most of us didn't previously used to pay attention about what OS I use because I thought that it's useless to waste time at that part and start focusing on what we do with the OS. 
However true that statement seems, at some point down the line you have to pay attention to this small but un-ignorable problem.

So you are a Windows hater with no good reason? Hah!

I am no windows-hater and it's a passion of mine to learn and show people how to choose the right thing.
And for the second statement, I have a bunch of reasons (7, to be exact) to show why Windows has done it's share for us.

1. The annoying updates

Anyone who is using the latest version of windows is experiencing this so called 'update crisis' which being completely opposite of what it's name suggests; is the severe annoy caused by the software updates just popping out of no where and disturbing your work in between. If that was not enough, Microsoft has been rolling CPU Killer updates that cause equal stress to storage as well. Though that doesn't completely mean they are useless, but you understand Microsoft! 

2. The over expensive price tag

Believe it or not, a genuine copy of Windows 10 Pro 64-bit costs, about a 141 Bucks ($140.99). That, my fellas is some serious money when you are building your own dreamy gaming PC from the money you earned after working at that corner coffee shop for half-an-year. But after reading this mostly controversial point, one might ask, "So what are tryin' to say, I can get an equally good OS for like FREE?", My answer, gentlemen is; 
Yes you can. In fact it's what I am using write now. This Operating System is called LINUX.

3. Attack of Viruses

Though this Title might seem a little bit controversial to you because any one would defend it by saying that you will get viruses on every OS. Furthermore, You can use Window's Built in Anti-virus (Windows Defender) to back the problem up. But the point here is not to clean the 'virus up' but to prevent it from existing in the first place. Although this might seem a little bit nutty but take it this way, 
You are someone who sells ice-cream (really tasty ones). In your town, you are the most popular ice-cream seller. But you also have some people who hate you and they want to mix polluted contents in your Ice-cream. Naturally you will not let them mix the content in your kitchen (where you make ice-cream) but as soon as you sell the ice-cream to small kids, these evil guys mix the content in there ice-cream saying that it's not bad!
But now if you sell a very different type of ice-cream that is immune to the components used by most of those evil guys; there infecting of this ice-cream will have no effect an it will remain good.
To get an idea of what I am talking about, Replace Ice-cream with operating system and polluted contents with virus from the above paragraph.

4. More RAM consuming
Let's face it, windows nowadays has become very resource intensive OS. Not because it needs to do that for the better working of apps but because it does that 'smooth experience'.
If windows apps were less ram consuming (including those which are nearly useless), we then would concentrate our interests on what we love doing. Whether it be Gaming, Video editing, or casual Photoshopping, unless you have a pretty powerful PC, you are nearly stoned.

5. Lack of necessary features

Not everyone in the world uses windows for casual browsing, chatting etc. There are people like Programmers or Professional movie editors or vulnerability tester who want to do their jobs while still using their good old OS buddy (microsoft, you got me here). But need to install 3rd Party softwares. Macintosh, for example, comes equipped with video editing software which might not be the best in-class but still does the job pretty well (not to even talk about that windows movie maker). Kali Linux (a distribution of Linux for hackers) has all those hacking or Penetration and security testing tools pre-installed that you would need.

6. Boring
This is a biggest point of problem for a person like me who is half geek and half artistic (no, that's not my specialty). Windows 10 is quite boring and since Microsoft has announced that it will not be releasing a New Windows Version any time soon, but will bring update to the existing ones only; this is geting quite bad then expected. Linux on the other hand, has many Distributions (or distros) each having something new both for it's look and feature-wise.

7. More Space consuming
Lastly Windows versions have stepped really high in terms of space they cover. Which in all cases affect it's Boot timing and overall performance. It is not that Good OS don't take high space but at-least not as much as windows take. And I am not a complete idiot to mention Mac-OS as a good example as that would only bring downfall to my blog but Linux for that matter is an excellent example indeed with the smallest distro of Linux taking only a size of 16 Mb!! (Even smaller than the size of Temple Run!)

So guys, this was my view on Windows OS. Don't get offended by it as it is a game of perspective only. For more info, visit Disclaimer.
Unfortunately this is all I have got time for today, but new blogs are on the way!
Stay Strong!

Meanwhile, you can check out my other blogs too!


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